Основные вехи


25 Years of Computer History

1971 - 1985

Intel 4004
first available microprocessor 2300 transistors, 4-Bits, 45 instructions, 1Mhz

Intel 8008
  3,500 transistors, 8-bits.

Intel 8080
used in the MITS Altair. 6,000 transistors, 16-bits, 2Mhz
Adam Osborne wrote the technical manual for the 4004 and the 8080 chips.
Motorola 6800 used in autos and small-business machines. 4,000 Transistors

Paul Allen
and Bill Gates created an 8080 BASIC Interpreter for Altair, the start of the software company, Microsoft.
MOS Technologies 6502
, graphics processor, cost $25, faster programs; used in Commodore PET (1977, $595), Commodore 64, Atari and Apple II.
IMSAI 8080
Zilog Z80, first unit using CP/M. 8,500 transistors, 8-bit, 2.5Mhz

Steve Jobs
and Steve Wozniac build the Apple I, bare bones, no case or power supply, Apple Computer was born.
Texas Instruments announces the TMS9000, first 16-bit processor
First Altair Computer Convention World, in New Mexico, 700 attend.
Michael Shrayer writes the first word processor for micros, Electric Pencil.
, first Adventure game - Cormemco
TV Dazzler
the first color 128X128 resolution video card.
Shugart announces a 5 ј" floppy drive for $390!

Apple II
introduced: 6502 processor, 16K, keyboard, 8 slots, color text, $1298.
TRS-80 Radio Shack Z80, 4KRAM with 4KROM for BASIC, $600.
First West Coast Computer Fair
Heathkit H-8
micro kit based on 8080 with front panel keypad.
CP/M Developed by Gary Kildall of Digital Research

Atari 400
and 800 ($1000) based on 6502, Keyboard, 8K RAM 2 ROM slots.
Epson MX-80, first low cost printer.
Texas Instruments Speak and Spell first talking toy with speech synthesis.
Houston Instruments HiPlot plotter.
Summagraphics Bit Pad, digitizer.
Intel 8086 29,000 transistors, 16 bit

Intel 8088
added 8-bit bus to the 8086, 29,000 transistors, 16 bit
8-bit bus Hayes modem 110-300bps $399.
CompuServe founded.
Space Invaders and Pac Man.
First Apple clone called the Orange.
TI-99/4, TMS9900, 16-bit, $99
Xerox, DEC, Intel announce Ethernet.
Motorola 68000
used in early UNIX systems, and Apples.- 68,000 transistors

Sinclair ZX80
, 1K RAM, 4K BASIC, membrane keyboard
Commodore Vic-20 6502A, 5K RAM BASIC, modem, color, cartridge, $299
Apple goes public at $22/share.

$1795 IBM PC
introduced, 8088, 16K RAM, 5 ј" drives, $1565. 2 160K floppies, 64K RAM CGA card
Osborne,first successful CP/M portable business computer.
9 pin Epson printer was $450.

Three operating systems: PC DOS - (Microsoft), CP/M, or Pascal.
introduces Alto computer, first graphics interface using the mouse.

Intel 286
134,000 transistors 8-12Mhz up to 16MB mem.
Pacifica Computer Pros produces accesory to control 8 drives on CP/M computers. Our official start-up year.

  Lotus Development, Lotus 1-2-3
Compaq portable announced
Commodore 64, 6510, 64K RAM, 20K ROM, $595.
Autodesk announces AutoCAD
Norton Utilities

IBM-AT 80286
, $5669 6 MHz, 16 bit bus
Apple announces Lisa, 68000, 32-bit, graphical user interface and mouse, $10,000; also, the Apple IIe, $1395.
Novell introduces first LAN, NetWare.
with 10Mb harddisk 8 slots $4995
Shugart shows 1 Gb WORM drive $7600
Canon 300dpi laser printer engine, $2000 used in HP LaserJet

Iomega, Bernoulli
box first removable disk drive.
Hp 150, 8088 with a touchscreen.
Satellite Software,
Word Perfect

Apple Macintosh, $2495

Intel 386:
. 275,000 transistors, 32 bit, 4GB address space. with this system Windows and OS/2 seem to be possible
AT&T announce Unix PC, 68010, $5600.
Amiga 1000, multitasking, $1295 1-M DRAM chips announced.
Microsoft announces Excel for the Mac
Aldus introduces PageMaker for the Mac.
IBM introduces the Token Ring.

ships Windows 1.0.